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About me:

Dedicated computer scientist seeking to invest time in exciting software development & research opportunities.

Believes in creating inclusive, friendly and productive environments where team members/peers can thrive and contribute.

Experience with - but not limited to - the following languages / tools / libraries / formats / other (please inquire for specifics):
C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C, C#, Mathematica, LaTeX, Bash scripting, SQL, PHP, G-code, MATLAB, Android Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse, Atom, Atlassian tools (Jira, Confluence, TestRail), AWS, Git, GIMP, Blender, CloudCompare, COLMAP, Unity, ROS (distributed network systems), LWJGL, OpenGL, WebGL, ThreeJS, GoJS, Electron, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Lua, Caffe, JPEG2000, Unix, Ubuntu Linux etc.

Please get in touch for referee details.

Artificial Intelligence Data Scientist, Artrya

Jul 2019 - Present

  • Researched and developed state-of-the-art, fully automatic, machine-learning-based, medical diagnostic tools.
  • Generated and visualized logically segmented reconstructions of the human heart based on computed tomography (CT) scans.
  • Designed and executed experiments which quantitatively analyzed the performance of the developed systems.

Research Assistant, University of Western Australia

Oct 2018 - Present

  • Collaborated on local and international publications in the area of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Synthesized highly technical reports from state-of-the-art publications.
  • Aided in writing ARC grants (Linkage and Laureate).

Teaching Assistant, University of Western Australia

Feb 2019 - Jun 2019

  • Managed lab sessions for groups of ~30 university students, for the unit "Software Engineering with Java".
  • Assisted and encouraged students --- of varying skill level --- in their Java programming. Other duties included marking and invigilation.

State Exam Editor, WA Exam Papers

Feb 2016 - Mar 2019

  • Standardized the difficulty of exams for statewide distribution.
  • Aided in editing, question design, formatting and solution construction.
  • Handled sensitive documents in a secure and responsible manner.

Tutor and Revision Session Manager, The Tuition Centre

Sep 2015 - Oct 2018

  • Part-time Math, Physics & English tutor for local high school students.
  • Managed scheduling, bookings, finance and student/employee wellbeing whilst company owners were away on leave.
  • Traveled 1-2 times a year to Karratha Senior High School (rural) to deliver multiple 3 hour long exam revision sessions to groups of 10-40 students.

Programming Team Leader, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

Aug 2017 - Nov 2017

  • Led a 6-student team in the creation of the 'Editor for the Astronomical Graph Language Environment' (EAGLE) - now a component in the Square Kilometre Array's data processing pipeline.
  • Proved that maintaining an inclusive & mindful team culture is more important than leveraging a team's technical skill.
  • Distributed tasks in a manner mindful of each members programming skill and English literacy.
  • Designed and developed extensive test driver software to simulate a variety of use cases.

Test Engineer Intern, Nuheara

Oct 2016 - Feb 2017

  • Completed the Bluetooth qualification process for Nuheara’s IQbuds through the 7layers Group.
  • Ran hardware and software (Android, iOS, firmware) tests on Nuheara’s IQbuds.
  • Developed mock applications for demonstration at the request of the senior management team using Android Studio.

Fulbright Scholarship Recipient

Oct 2019

  • Awarded a prestigious Fulbright Futures Scholarship for the purpose of pursuing Artificial Intelligence studies at the postgraduate level in the United States.
  • One of five overall Postgraduate Fulbright Scholarship recipients for 2019 in the state.
  • One of two Fulbright Futures Scholarship recipients for 2019 in the state.

1962 Prize Finalist

Sep 2019

  • Selected as one of seven state finalists for the 1962 Prize, which is awarded to a student with an outstanding undergraduate contribution to Information and Computing Technology.
  • Awarded and selected by the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Future Physicist's Scholarship Recipient, University of Science and Technology (Hefei)

Jun 2018 - Jul 2018

  • Attended talks, presentations, and demonstrations from industry leaders and academic professionals as a part of the 'Future Physicist's International Summer Camp'.
  • Conducted hands on plasma confinement experiments using the campus' own tokomak in a small unsupervised team.

Summer Studentship Recipient, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

Sep 2017 - Jan 2018

  • Developed the ‘gfinder’ program: a tool for localizing galaxies in wavelet transformed data (stored in the JPEG2000 standard) using machine learning techniques.
  • Improved machine learning evaluation speed by parallelising Intel Movidius' Neural Compute Sticks.

State English Distinction Recipient, School Curriculum and Standards Authority

Dec 2014

  • Awarded a state English distinction for exam performance from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA).

Robotic Operating System workshop (participant), Perth

Feb 2019

  • Hands on work with robotic perception, computer vision and robotic manipulation.
  • Conducted programming in the Robot Operating System (ROS) software framework.
  • Hosted by Woodside Energy Ltd. and ran by Rob Reid (formerly at NASA JPL & Google Project Tango).

WACE Exam Revision Seminars (presenter), Karratha Senior High School

Sep 2015 - Oct 2018

  • Delivered multiple 3-hour-long exam revision sessions to groups of 10-40 students on behalf of the TuitionCentre, Claremont.
  • Presented exam revision sessions on grade 11 & 12 English, Math Applications & Math Methods.
  • Provided resources and advice, while encouraging students to make university and scholarship applications.

Machine learning workshop (participant), Data Intensive Astronomy Group

Dec 2017

  • Attended talks from academic professional from the Data Intensive Astronomy group at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research. Speakers included Dr. Andreas Wicenec & Dr. Chen Wu.
  • Applied machine learning techniques to galaxy classification data.

Supercomputing Workshop (participant), Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

Nov 2017

  • Participated in a hands on, week long course about scientific supercomputing.
  • Scheduled and ran programs (Monte Carlo simulations & graphics rendering) in Python3 on the supercomputer 'Magnus' (Cray XC40).
  • Toured the Pawsey facility and met with the team in charge of running the facility.

Bachelor of Science Honours, Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Western Australia

Jul 2018 - Jul 2019

  • First class honours in Computer Science and Software Engineering.
  • WAM: 88.875 %, GPA: 7.000 / 7.000.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science & Physics, University of Western Australia

Jan 2015 - Jul 2018

  • Double major with a degree specific major in Computer Science and a second major in Physics.
  • WAM: 84.731 %, GPA: 6.846 / 7.000.

High school graduate, Trinity College Perth

Feb 2006 - Sep 2014

  • Achieved an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of 98.65.
  • Achieved a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).
  • Awarded a state distinction in English from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA).
  • Placed on the Honour boards at Trinity College for topping Computer Science (2013) and English (2014).


  • Isaac Ronald Ward, Hamid Laga, and Mohammed Bennamoun. Object detection from RGB-D images. In Paul Rosin, editor, RGB-D Image Analysis and Processing. Springer Publishing, 2019. Available at https://arxiv.org/abs/1907.09236
  • Isaac Ronald Ward, Mohammad Amir Asim Khan Jalwana, and Mohammed Bennamoun. Improving image-based localization with deep learning: the impact of the loss function. Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology, 2019. Available at https://arxiv.org/abs/1905.03692
  • Benjamin Allaert, Isaac Ronald Ward, Ioan Marius Bilasco, Chaabane Djeraba, and Mohammed Bennamoun. Performance evaluation of optical flow techniques for facial expression analysis. submitted to the International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV), 2019. Available at https://arxiv.org/abs/1904.11592

Student Member, Univerity Physics Society (University of Western Australia)

Feb 2016 - Nov 2018

  • Aided peers with physics related work in and around the common room.
  • Helped create/vectorize graphics for community events and merchandise.
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Public Outreach Volunteer, Gravity Discovery Centre

Feb 2018

  • Volunteered in setting up and guiding the public through the Gravity Discovery Centre's super-blue-blood-moon event.
  • Explained basic astronomical concepts surrounding the event and helped members of the community operate a small astrophotgraphy rig.
  • Helped package and store telescopes once the event was complete.

Performer at Musical Benefits, Perth

Mar 2017 - Feb 2018

  • Whilst playing as a guitarist in the band Kopano, a number of benefit shows on behalf of the Women Of Music Production Perth (WOMPP) and West Australian Music (WAM) were played.
  • The proceeds from many of these shows went on to support local music programs.
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Sound and Stage Volunteer, Mammoth Music Rockingham

Sep 2016 - Sep 2017

  • Setup stage & sound (amplifiers, instruments, mixer, etc.) at a fund-raising show where young musicianswere invited to perform in front of their local community (~300 people).
  • Handled funds and other logistic matters.

Amateur Astrophotographer

Jan 2015 - Present

  • Competed in the 2018 Atrophotography Competition at Astrofest (best viewed once downloaded here):

Machine Learning Hobby Projects

  • I'm always looking for fun machine learning projects to work on in my spare time (style transfer, text generation, musical synthesis, speech recognition, etc.)
  • Attached here is a visualisation of style transfer (Hokusai's Great Wave + Cat image). This is from a project I worked on in 2018:

Competitor, Quantum Games, ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems

Sep 2017 - Jan 2018

  • Created the game 'Quantum Rescue' as a submission using JavaScript & electron:

3D Printing

  • I often dabble with 3D printing, G-code manipulation and timelapsing - it is an excellent way to put together prototypes for personal mechatronics projects.
  • Attached here is a timelapse of a simple model print from my CR10s.

Competitor, Intel Movidius NCS Image Classification Challenge

Mar 2018

  • Worked with Intel Movidius' Neural Compute Sticks.
  • Used and edited Intel Movidius' tools to compile TensorFlow network graphs for loading onto machine learning hardware.

Session Guitarist & Performer

Jul 2017 - Jul 2018

  • Performed in the local Perth bands 'Kopano' and 'Billy & Floyd'.
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  • Played gigs, events, festivals and fundraisers in and around the Perth region.
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